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Community Supports for Children

Community Supports for Adults

The Children’s Day Habilitation Program (Section 28) provides in-home and community services to children ages 20 or younger with developmental disabilities and any diagnosis under the Autism spectrum. We are dedicated to helping our clients reach their fullest potential, learn to express themselves with positive communication, and build healthy relationships. We encourage families to better understand their child’s special needs. Staff are certified, skilled and proficient.

Home Supports for Adults

NMG provides home supports to individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities, brain injuries, and other related conditions, in order to help them live an inclusive life within their communities.  


Qualified direct support professionals support individuals in their own homes or apartments or in an agency operated group home, otherwise known as waiver homes.  Support can range from a few hours a week up to twenty-four hours per day and provides treatment geared to assist a person to increase or re-learn independent living skills, such as:


Qualified staff members are additionally trained in areas that include: person-centered planning, medication administration, positive behavioral supports and intervention, individual rights, first aid and CPR, environmental safety, and diagnosis-specific to the person served.


Home supports are designed to serve specific target populations under the Maine Care Waiver programs:


Cerebral Palsy or Epilepsy or any other condition, other than mental illness, found to be closely related to Intellectual Disabilities, such as: Neurofibromitosis, Other Choreas, Anoxic Brain Damage, Cerebral Laceration and Contusion, Subarachnoid- Subdural and Extradural Hemorrhage following injury, Other and Unspecified Intracranial Hemorrhage following injury or Intracranial injury and unspecified nature.



Administering Agency for Shared Living Providers

Shared Living provides a home and supports for an adult with intellectual disabilities in the home of a qualified independent contractor.  Shared Living is similar to foster care, but with the emphasis that the home is a cooperative sharing of space and supports between adults. In essence, the individual becomes part of the Shared Living Home Provider’s life and family.  


NMG acts as an Administering Agency to the Shared Living Provider (SLP).  In order to provide the services as a SLP, the SLP must enter into a contract with a qualified administering agency of their choice.  The Agency role is to provide essential consultative services, such as:  

•  Recruiting providers and assisting to match individuals with the appropriate home.  The decision for placement sits with the individual and their guardian.  

•  Billing and disbursement of Maine Care dollars.

•  Assessing for the individual and their team, whether the SLP meets the qualifications as determined by the Maine Care program and the individual’s plan.

•  Assisting the team with providing quality assurance on the person’s quality of life and of the SLP’s compliance of the Maine Care regulations.



Northern Maine General’s Day Program provides facility and community based supports to individuals 18 years of age and older with intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism, and/or other related conditions. The purpose is to assist the individual to develop the skills necessary to reach their full potential for independent living and navigating in their community.


Support can range from a few hours each week to 22 hours a week and provide treatment geared to assist a person to increase or re-learn independent living skills such as cooking and light housekeeping, physical and occupational fitness, personal hygiene, general and community safety, money management, accessing and engaging with community resources, and facilitating friendships and natural supports. The adult community support program is accredited by carf.